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Global Lens 2009


Director: Sandra Kogut
Country: Brazil   Region: South America

Language: Portuguese, with English subtitles
Year: 2007   Series: Global Lens 2009
Running Time: 86 minutes


Thiago is a sensitive and imaginative boy living on a small, hardscrabble farm in a remote region of Brazil. His life is filled not only with curiosity and youthful discovery, but also the reality of his parent's unhappy marriage and his father's abuse — all of which are one day changed by a chance encounter and unexpected gift. Director Sandra Kogut, in her poetic adaptation of the Brazilian short story Campo Geral, focuses on minute details of rural life to tell a bittersweet story of one boy's coming–of–age amidst events both great and small.


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Themes: Family – The Perspective of Children – – Country & City – Literature & Literary Reference – Coming–of—age – Social Inequality— Youth


Those ThreeThose Three (An Seh)
Director: Naghi Nemati
Country: Iran   Region: Middle East

Language: Farsi and Turkish, with English subtitles
Year: 2007   Series: Global Lens 2009
Running Time: 80 minutes


Just one day from completing their military training, three conscripts desert their camp and escape into the frozen wilderness of Northern Iran. Travel through this mountainous, snowbound region is dangerous, but "those three" opt for the independence it promises and must now forge their way through an uncertain landscape, with only friendship to see them through. In this austere and mesmerizing debut feature, director Naghi Nemati's attention to the minutiae of human relationships is a quiet and deliberate meditation on the value of responsibility, connection and sacrifice.


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Themes: Duty & Responsibility – Family – Community– Home & Homeland


What a Wonderful WorldWhat a Wonderful World
Director: Faouzi Bensaïdi
Country: Iran   Region: Africa

Language: French and Arabic, with English subtitles
Year: 2006   Series: Global Lens 2009
Running Time: 94 minutes


Souad is a prostitute whose best friend is Kenza, a tough traffic cop. Kamel is a stony–eyed contract killer who receives his hit orders via the Internet; he is also Souad's favorite customer. When Kenza falls in love with Kamel, the two begin a bizarre courtship doomed by their disparate lines of work, and a persistent cyber-snooping hacker who stumbles upon the site where Kamel receives his murderous contracts. Moroccan actor-director Faouzi Bensaïdi's promiscuously stylish film is a new vision of an old culture, unveiling an uncommon Casablanca caught in a world wide web of associations and consequences.


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Themes: Community– Cultural Values– Economics– Gender Issues– Migration– Romance– Social Inequality


Global Lens 2008


The Bet CollectorThe Bet Collector (Kubrador)
Director: Jeffrey Jeturian
Country: Philippines   Region: Southeast Asia

Language: Tagalog, with English subtitles
Year: 2006   Series: Global Lens 2008
Running Time: 98 minutes


Amy, the family matriarch, makes ends meet by running a small convenience store out of her home. But in a struggling economy customers are scarce, and without the help of her husband or pregnant daughter, she is forced to supplement the family income by collecting bets for an illegal numbers game. In this starkly realistic narrative, director Jeffrey Jeturian presents a captivating portrait of a proud woman, haunted by memories of a dead son and hounded by the police, and her fragile and lonely life as a kubrador (bet collector) on the streets of Manila.


Themes: Authority – Power – Community – Death – Duty – Responsibility – Economics – Gender Issues – Rituals – Customs – Social Inequality


The Fish Fall in LoveThe Fish Fall in Love (Mahiha Ashegh Mishavand)
Director: Ali Raffi
Country: Iran   Region: Central Asia/Middle East

Language: Persian, with English subtitles
Year: 2008   Series: Global Lens 2008
Running Time: 96 minutes


Atieh’s passion is food, and her small but popular restaurant on the sleepy Caspian coast is her pride and joy. But when Aziz, her former fiancé, appears after a twenty-year absence, the women believe he has intentions of closing the restaurant and prepare his favorite dishes, one after the other, in a desperate effort to convince him otherwise. Loosely based on the Persian fable of Scheherazade and the Thousand Myths (A Thousand and One Nights), director Ali Raffi uses the language of food to paint a richly textured portrait of life and love on the northern coast of Iran.


Themes: Community – Cultural Values – Economics – Food – Literature – Literary Reference – Revolution – Rituals – Customs – Romance – Gender Issues


The KiteThe Kite (Le Cerf–Volant)
Director: Randa Chahal Sabbag
Country: Lebanon   Region: Middle East

Language: Arabic, with English subtitles
Year: 2003   Series: Global Lens 2008
Running Time: 80 minutes


In director Randa Chahal Sabbag’s ‘fairytale for troubled times,’ sixteen-year-old Lamia must cross a border checkpoint between Lebanon and Israel to marry a man she has never met.  But on her wedding day, neither she nor her betrothed are eager to consummate a marriage to a stranger—a matter further complicated by Lamia’s surprising admission that she is in love with the Israeli soldier guarding the checkpoint.  Sabbag’s enchanting drama about marriage and tradition is underscored by delicate symbolism and artful references to politics of Lebanon’s territories that have been annexed.


Themes: Authority – Power – Children – Coming-of-Age – Community – Ethnic Conflict – Marriage – Politics – Religion – Rituals – Customs – Romance – Gender Issues


Let the Wind BlowLet the Wind Blow (Hava Aney Dey)
Director: Partho Sen–Gupta
Country: India  Region: South Asia

Language: Hindi, with English subtitles
Year: 2004   Series: Global Lens 2008
Running Time: 93 minutes


At the height of nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan, Arjun and his best friend, Chabia, weigh their options for the future against the reality of life on the streets of Mumbai. Enticed by the promise of wealth and opportunity in the Persian Gulf, Chabia is eager to leave his job as a mechanic. But for Arjun, who must finish college and care for his mother, the decision is not so easy in director Partho Sen-Gupta’s gritty, apocalyptic interpretation of Krishna’s counsel to Arjuna, from the Bhagavad Gita.


Themes: Cultural Values – Duty – Responsibility – Economics – Ethnic Conflict – Generational differences – Nationalism – Politics – Religion – Social Inequality – War


Global Lens 2007


Dam StreetDam Street (Hong Yan)
Director: Li Yu
Country: China   Region: Asia
Language: Mandarin and Sichuan, with English subtitles
Year: 2005   Series: Global Lens 2007
Running Time: 93 minutes


Xiao Yun, a sixteen-year-old girl living in small riverside town in China, discovers she is pregnant. The local community is stunned, her family loses “face” and she and her boyfriend are expelled from school. Ten years later, ostracized by the town and reduced to working as a singer in a local song and dance troupe, her only real companion is Xiao Yong, a fiercely affectionate, mysterious boy who protects her from the critical eyes of the community, and forces her to confront the depth of her unresolved past.


Themes: Community – Cultural Values – Economics – Food – Literature – Literary Reference – Revolution – Rituals – Customs – Romance – Gender Issues

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