The Bet Collector (Kubrador)

Series: Global Lens 2008

Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian

Philippines, 2006, 98 minutes

Tagalog, with subtitles in English

film synopsis

Amy, the family matriarch, makes ends meet by running a small convenience store out of her home. But in a struggling economy customers are scarce, and without the help of her husband or pregnant daughter, she is forced to supplement the family income by collecting bets for an illegal numbers game. In this starkly realistic narrative, director Jeffrey Jeturian presents a captivating portrait of a proud woman, haunted by memories of a dead son and hounded by the police, and her fragile and lonely life as a kubrador (bet collector) on the streets of Manila.

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Did you know...

One of the most famous toys in the world is the yo-yo, which was invented in the Philippines, as a weapon, over four hundred years ago.

Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, was killed in the Philippines, but not by a yo-yo; he died at the hands of Lapu-Lapu (a local chieftain and Filipino folk-hero) and his warriors during the Battle of Mactan.


The Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world despite being colonized by a Spanish-speaking country (Spain) for almost 300 years.




What is it, who plays it.


Tagalog is one of two official languages of the Philippines (the other is English), and was used to develop the Ewok "language" in the film Return of the Jedi.

Over 35 million cell-phone users in the Philippines send ~400 million text messages per day—more than the U.S. and Europe combined.

The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7000 islands with more than 200 volcanoes, 900 species of orchids and 70 varieties of bananas, but only 2 seasons (rainy and dry).



The Rebirth of Freedom

Corazon Aquino takes office


Imelda Marcos, wife of former Philippines dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, owned more shoes than anyone in the world (1060 pairs, to be exact).

The first president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, was forced out of office in 1986 by the People Power Movement, led by Corazon Aquino, the nation’s first female leader, and Asia’s first female president.


Karaoke, or the "Sing-Along-System," was invented in the Philippines, not Japan, in 1975.



camera“KUBRADOR details three days in the life of Amelita, a middle-aged woman who collects bets for a living. The first two days show her furtively going about her job... On the third day, she takes a break from work and visits the grave of her soldier son who died on duty.


The three days in Amelita’s life depicted in the film could very well be the ordinary Filipino’s own days of their lives. With the country mired in deep poverty and socio-political systems reeling in corruption, life has gotten so hard for most Filipinos that each waking day is spent not living but simply trying to keep alive.”


-Jeffrey Jeturian, director of The Bet Collector


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