Let the Wind Blow(Hava Aney Dey)

Series: Global Lens 2008

Directed by Partho Sen–Gupta

India, 2004, 93 minutes

Hindi, with English subtitles

film synopsis

At the height of nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan, Arjun and his best friend, Chabia, weigh their options for the future against the reality of life on the streets of Mumbai. Enticed by the promise of wealth and opportunity in the Persian Gulf, Chabia is eager to leave his job as a mechanic. But for Arjun, who must finish college and care for his mother, the decision is not so easy in director Partho Sen-Gupta’s gritty, apocalyptic interpretation of Krishna’s counsel to Arjuna, from the Bhagavad Gita.

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Did you know...

India is the only nation in the world with a bill of rights for cows (which are considered sacred in the country).

In some parts of India, it is considered proper etiquette to eat with your right hand only and point with your chin.


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Per capita, there are more Indian doctors in America than India.


Algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and the numeric and decimal systems all originated in India.


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For over 2000 years, the distance traveled by a cow's “moo” was used as a unit of measurement in India.

India holds the world record for the largest tea party every organized (30,000 people).


camera“Destiny has played an important part in the psychological and cultural make-up of the people of India. The ancient Hindu texts, the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Gita have described the importance of destiny in our lives...

My protagonists, Arjun and Chabia err in the city of Bombay, the temple of India’s financial markets, in the desire to change their destiny. They discover that on this road to material nirvana, one is alone and stronger powers rule their destiny.”


-Partho Sen-Gupta, director of Let the Wind Blow


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Cultural Values • Duty • Responsibility • Economics • Ethnic Conflict • Generational differences • Nationalism • Politics • Religion • Social Inequality • War



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